State of Nevada Code A17.3 2020 Brings Big Changes to Elevator Inspections

August 05, 2022 10:56 AM | Anonymous

From: Technical Inspection Agency USA Inc.  

Code A17.3 2020 was adopted by the State of Nevada in August of 2021 and is now enforcing some big changes to elevator inspections.  

  • Units installed before 2000 - will likely need to update the elevator control system to meet the safety requirements
  • Units installed between 2000 and 2009 - will likely need to complete a software update and potentially a hardware update to be compliant unless they have been modernized.  
  • Controllers installed or modernized after July 1, 2009, may already be partially compliant and may require installation of additional hardware or software installed.  This will need to be confirmed by the elevator contractor.
  • Elevator installed or modernized after January 2, 2015, may be equipped to be made fully compliant but may need new hardware or software installed.  This also should be confirmed by the elevator contractor.  
  • If the controller cannot be adapted with the hardware or software upgrades, a modernization may be required.  

Elevators without door lock monitoring will be considered non-compliant.  

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